A member of A.R.R.

Advanced Restraint Research is an organization that produces bondage gear for use by supervillains.

Advanced Restraint Research first appears in A.R.R.!, where they demonstrate a number of their products on Empowered. However, while they are effective at restraining her, most of them prove ineffective against other members of the Superhomeys.

In With Great Hotness, Ocelotina mentions that A.R.R. paid her to do a promo for their gear.


  • A.R.R. Smartcloth Cape
  • Cybaspinnaz
  • Robobait Innocentron
  • Smartfiber Restraint Membrane
  • Strait-jakkit
  • XM114 Colloidal Restraint Gel Grenade
  • XM-125 Exoskeletal Restraint Smartframe

Known MembersEdit

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