The Ayakami Clan.

The Ayakami Clan are an organization of ninja.

Their signature magic is the "Shinto Mekkyaku Sureba Hi Mo Mata Suzushi No Jutsu" ("Even Flames Are Cool For Those Who Clear Their Minds Of Unnecessary Thought Magic"), which allows them to suppress all pain.

The Ayakami Clan first appears in A Hundred Pieces, Artfully Arranged when they decide to capture Ninjette for the bounty placed on her by the Kaburagi Clan.

Their first attempt to capture, made in E.M.P. and the Nukenin Princess, is foiled by the intervention of Empowered and Thugboy.

In You Will Address Me as "Hime-Sama", Ninjette exterminates every last member of the clan.

Known MembersEdit

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