Baron Womb
Alias Baron Womb
Gender Male
First Appearance None

Baron Womb is a supervillain.


Baron Womb is first mentioned in Denial at Flood Stage, when Major Havoc cites him as an example of a supervillain who was able to fool Mindfuck's psychic abilities due to "psychosis or exteme self-delusion".

Baron Womb is mentioned again by Powerballa in Empowered's flashback in A First Time For Everything. Powerballa quips that "Pleased ta meet ya, pleased ta beat ya" was something Baron Womb used to say. His use of the past tense suggests that Baron Womb had ceased to be active as a supervillain by the time Empowered debuted, although it is not clear if this was due to death, retirement, incarceration, or some other reason.

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