Name Unknown
Gender Male
Status Dead
Affiliation San Antonio Capekillers
First Appearance A Long Line of Dead People

This character has not received a name in canon. The name used here to refer to him is only a placeholder. If a name is provided for him in canon, all references to him should be updated with that information.

This character was a member of a cell of capekillers in San Antonio, along with Thugboy and the Holy Avenger.

The members of the cell wore shirts with references to Dungeons & Dragons; this character wore a shirt saying CHA:18(00), referencing the Charisma trait.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

While an ordinary human, he is shown to be capable of proficiently wielding a large rocket launcher.


This character first appeared in Thugboy's nightmare in A Long Line of Dead People, his cause of death being a large torso wound.

He appears again in Witless Minions 4-Eva in Thugboy's flashback to his days as a capekiller.

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