Alias Cyclopean
Status Alive
First Appearance Power Stripped

Cyclopean is a mechanical supervillain.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Cyclopean is composed of many tiny mechanical bugs which compose a single hive mind. All of the component parts are quantumly entangled, allowing them to instantaneously communicate across any distance.


In Power Stripped, Empowered and Captain Rivet have defeated Cyclopean and are tossing its components through a Lotus Nodes portal.

In Distress and the Damsel, it is revealed that Cyclopean had hidden one of its components on Empowered's hair and was using it as a tracking device, regularly auctioning her location to supervillains interested in her ability to access Object 524. An emulation Manny running on a Miss Emp Mecha points the component out to Emp, and she vaporizes it with a small vorp.

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