Kid Anglerfish


Name Aaron
Alias Kid Anglerfish
Gender Male
Status Dead
First Appearance My Definition of Team-Up
Known Relatives Anglerfish (Father, alive)

Kid Anglerfish the son of the supervillain Anglerfish, and an aspiring supervillain himself.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Kid Anglerfish has a head resembling a deep sea anglerfish. His lurelight is capable of making people hallucinate their desires, an ability which he mostly uses to get laid.


Kid Anglerfish appears in the chapter My Definition of Team-Up. He, Katastrophe, and Baby Bird are planning to team up with the Felonifive for a robbery of the Purple Paladin Memorial Hospital's pharmacy. However, they make the mistake of asking Willy Pete to join their team-up; Willy Pete proceeds immolate, rape, and eat them.

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