Ninjutsu is a type of magic employed by ninja. It can range from conventional skills and techniques, such as the use of devices and disguises, to supernatural effects achieved through the use of kuji-kiri gestural symbols and the channeling of chi.

Known practitioners of ninjutsu include Ninjette, Ninjette's father, Oyuki, and ninja of the Ayakami Clan.

Known Ninjutsu TechniquesEdit

  • Chi Jo Jutsu ("Shameless Woman Magic")
  • Eikyu Hinin No Jutsu ("Eternal Contraceptive Magic")
  • En Kyo Yo Jutsu ("Flame Surprise Mystical Magic")
  • Hensojutsu (translation not provided)
  • Kyo Nyu Jutsu ("Enormous Breast Magic")
  • Missui Mon Jutsu ("Secret Drunk Question Magic")
  • Missei Tojutsu 密醒答術 (translation printing error, literally means 'secret awake response technique')
  • Seiseiryoku Henkan Sento No Jutsu ("Sexual Energy/Stamina Conversion Fighting Technique")
  • Sekushi Nyanko Monroe-Walk Jutsu ("Sexy Cat Monroe-Walk Magic")
  • Shinto Mekkyaku Sureba Hi Mo Mata Suzushi No Jutsu ("Even Flames Are Cool For Those Who Clear Their Minds of Unnecessary Thought Magic")
  • So Sui Jutsu ("Fast to be Drunk Magic")
  • Tan Doku Sho Jutsu ("Single Poison Erase Magic")
  • Yasegaman No Jutsu ("'Grin and Bear It' / Faked Stoicism Magic")

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