The Teknofetish logo.

Teknofetish is an organization that rents advanced technology to supervillains.

In The Wench With a Million Sighs, after Empowered defeats Irresistimmovable, she discovers that his forcefield generator was a rental from Teknofetish rather than his own invention. She comments that Teknofetish is notorious for getting cranky when their rental hardware gets trashed.

In Ten Questions for the Maidman, the B.F.Gunnaz use guns rented from Teknofetish.

In Animal Style, Animal Style uses a set of animal-themed mechs rented from Teknofetish. After wrecking several of the mechs, Empowered notes that Teknofetish are infamous for price-gouging on their repair bills.

In Distress and the Damsel, Hardpoint uses a Bunka Busta Mk. IV Semiautonomous Hvy Drone which she purchased from Teknofetish. Empowered knows the drone's command override code, and orders it to self-destruct.

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